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Pakistan  Lions Youth Council  (PLYC) was established in 1986. Since the time of its establishment it has been effective engaged to serve the humanity. It emerged as an active non-state, non-profit, non-religious voluntary organization. It seeks to make meaningful and lasting interventions for the well being of mankind. The organization has taken initiative to alleviate the root cause of many of the socio economic problems  prevailing in Pakistan . The pluralism and multi-cause orientation of the organization enables it to work in diverse fields.

PLYC is not a donor-dependent, but is a donor-friendly organization that sustains its activities through financial assistance from local and overseas donors, thereby allowing sufficient room for networking with global support agencies and multilateral development institutions that share our development vision. It is backed by a board of directors composed of men and women known for their integrity and commitment to make meaningful contribution to growth of the organization in diverse fields

Welcome to Pakistan  Lions Youth Council
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TB Component
Safe Drinking Water
Chairperson Message
 By the grace of Allah Almighty Prodigiously congratulations to our all team members on the certification of ISO 9001:2008 by maintaining an international level Quality Management. It’s an intensive reward for plyc which strengthen its competitive advantage. Pakistan lions youth council has been proved as a precious source for the Pakistan economy by delivering quality assurance services in the era of Economic development. I would like to appreciate the work with extravagant effecacious skills of our team members. 

Our Recent Projects
 Mrs. Shazia Rana  
(Preventive, Curative, Awareness Raising)
(NFBE, ALC, Technical Education, Teachers’ Training)
(Promotion of Gender Equity, Political Empowerment
(Adolescent Reproductive Health, Employment Promotion)
Human Rights
(Promotion of Human Rights, Child Labor)
(Enhanced women political participation, Strengthening Devolution System)
Violence against women
(Free legal aid for violence victims)
(Detoxification and rehabilitation of IDUs)
Best NGO Work in 2008
National Jinnah Award
In August 2008 the first "National Jinnah Award" issued by the Ministry of Youth Affairs Pakistan was awarded by the Prime Minister of Pakistan to PLYC . This award destined for PLYC because of out standing performance of this NGO in the development sector especially for the "Youth" of Pakistan.
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It has been promoting a consistent and sustainable human development with a special focus on excluded, marginalized, destitute, disadvantaged and weaker sections of the commune.As development is symbolize by the cultivation of socio-economic conditions, people and consistent enhancement of inclination and capabilities so we are working at the infrastructure   of socio-economic sectors in order to well round the Economic development. 
Our passion , patriotism and commitment to serve the outskirt and neglected sections of society, sustained commitment to remain self-reliant community driven, gender sensitive, youth responsive collaborating and not competing with other existing organizations and development agencies differentiate our work efficiency in the same country.  Moreover plyc believe on enabling and educating the communities through active folk’s participation in order to make them independent and self-reliant in future.

This is to certify that the quality management system of Pakistan Lions Youth Council (PLYC) meets the requirement of ISO 9001: 2008

ISO 9001; 2008
Through contributing towards national development since inception in 1993, Pakistan lions youth council envisaged to adopt holistic approach of socio Economic development
PLYC Appointed Ms. Amreen Waheed as Financial Advisor in PLYC's Board of Technical Advisors.