Weaving Betterment into Lives

Dr. Nayab Asghar

Pesident (PLYC)

Dr. Qaiser Javaid

Executive Director (PLYC)


Pakistan Lions Youth Council (PLYC) was established in 1986. Since the time of its establishment it has been effective engaged to serve the humanity. It emerged as an active non-state, non-profit, non-religious voluntary organization. It seeks to make meaningful and lasting interventions for the wellbeing of mankind. The organization has taken initiative to alleviate the root cause of many of the socio economic problems prevailing in Pakistan. The pluralism and multi-cause orientation of the organization enables it to work in diverse fields. PLYC is not a donor-dependent, but is a donor-friendly organization that sustains its activities through financial assistance from local and overseas donors, thereby allowing sufficient room for networking with global support agencies and multilateral development institutions that share our development vision. It is backed by a board of directors and a board of advisors composed of men and women known for their integrity and commitment to make meaningful contribution to growth of the organization in diverse fields.


By the grace of Almighty, Allah PLYC has successfully completed its 25 Years of community services while serving the under privileged population of Pakistan Through contributing towards national development since inception in 1993, -PakistanLions Youth Council envisaged to adopt holistic approach of community development encompassing issues related to health,education,Human Rights, and livelihood.The achievements of PLYC have been made possible by the vision, dedication and commitment of its highly motivated team as well as the support and participation of the local communities in each district, local, provincial and federal authorities,INGO's and development agencies. I would like to sincerely thank all the colleagues and the members of the Executive Body , our team of social development professionals, volunteers, well wishers, philanthropists and International aid and development agencies for helping us financially andmorally in our achievements.


In the last tewenty five years, PLYC has successfully laid the foundations of a vibrant and responsive development by expanding its presence across the country. Since the time of its establishment it has been effective engaged to serve the humanity. This, therefore, is an opportune time to reflect on what has been achieved and what remains to be done. I would like to acknowledge the efforts of PLYC Team members who are at the heart of this development.. I am grateful to the Government of Pakistan and to our National , international partners for the unstinting support, assistance and facilitation. I am also grateful to our partner organizations for their hard work and dedicated effort in the field. But above all, I would like to recognize our community organizations for demonstrating resilience in the face of extreme adversity and for being the agents of hope and change in this country.

our mission

Promotion of sustainable human development by empowering excluded marginalized and enabling the community folks, especially to those who are socially, destitute and neglected sections of society.


To work toward creating a better Pakistan which provides basic health education and empowerment to every citizen and to contribute towards the development of a liberal, logical, enlightened and prosperous society.

our programs

We deal in subjects related to community infastructure, education, human rights, disaster management, health and youth development livilihood.