Health Care should be a Right not Previledge

Improving the health of humans is one responsibility among many in the fight against poverty. Healthy children become healthy adults: people who create better lives for themselves, their communities and their countries. Improving the health of the poorest of the poor is a core PLYC objective. Since our founding, we have made significant progress in immunization, improving child health with community based treatments HIV AIDS, HCV and malaria. PLYC has an extensive health presence, and strong partnerships with international organizations and Ministry of health, Federal & provincial government of Pakistan at national and provincial level. On a daily basis we work to bring practical solutions to the people at greater risk. PLYC knows what it takes to ensure the survival and health of human beings. PLYC approaches all threats to women and child health and there are many with extensive experience, efficient logistics and creativity. PLYC engages stakeholder around the country to make HIV prevention, testing, and treatment as widely available as possible, including in remote areas, fragile areas and to those citizen in marginalized populations. Pakistan lions Youth Council implemented the projects for the promotion of community health through provision of Primary health care services, awareness and service delivery on issues effecting public health like reproductive health care, family planning, HIV and AIDS prevention, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

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Pakistan Lions Youth Council implemented the project for TB prevention with Technical and Financial Support of Global Fund (GFATM) with PR (Green star Social Marketing Pvt, Mercy Corpse) WHO/Punjab Govt and USAID. We campaign for better services and care for TB suspects community and awareness about the causes and signs of TB and how to prevent it.
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PLYC is rendering its services to Expand the coverage and range of existing, comprehensive and specific interventions in order to prevent the further transmission of HIV and to provide AIDS treatment and care services for street based injecting drug users, their spouses and associated. We provided services to 15,000 drug users and 8,000 spouses of IUDs.
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PLYC is conducting trainings of Doctors on Malaria case management, Lab technicians on use of RDT and KOMBO kits. PLYC is providing first-line antimalarial treatment for confirmed malaria cases according to national policy at public sector health facilities, health facilities without stock-outs of key commodities were 100 % received 100 % M&E reports from HFs through New Funding Model (NFM).
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Mother and Child Health Care

To Improve maternal and newborns health seeking behaviour in selected communities, through viable and demonstrable initiatives to increase awareness , Community Mobilization and capacity-building of this programs and structures within health systems and communities, to ensure improvements and strengthen links in the continuum of health care for women from the home to the hospital.
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Family and Reproductive Health

the PLYC is working on this project as partner organization of NLACS. The organization being sub-grantee NGO started implementation of this project in Multan during third week of July, 2006 by providing service delivery affairs on HIV/AIDS, STIs and STDs to various vulnerable groups including mobile youth at General Bus Stand, Multan. The PLYC was already running the STI clinic (APNA Clinic).
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PLYC implemented the Projects with Technical and Financial support of USAID/Abt. Associates, philanthropists and on self help basis on Water Sanitationa, shelter, and Hygiene Promotion. It provided the Logistics Support & Relief Commodities to 378 vulnerable families provided shelters and latrines to 50 families 1,000 installed Communal Hand Pumps, supplied and distributed Non Food Items (NFIs) to 2,000 families in Flood affected areas.