Active Citizens Program

"Locally Connected, Globally Engaged"

The Active Citizens programme links civil society, community leaders and networks of young people and organizations in Pakistan, the UK and other countries. The overarching aim is to deepen trust and understanding within and between communities. Young participants gain various skills including cross-cultural communication and Intercultural dialogue, and its effective role in community action. They are encouraged to play a bigger role in their communities by addressing social issues through volunteering and engaging with community influencers and local Civil Society Organizations. The programme also offers partnering civil society organizations the opportunity to join an expansive platform that offers internationally developed resources for youth leadership development, standardized programme development and delivery frameworks, access to national and international advocacy opportunities and prospects of interaction and collaboration with partners in South Asia and the UK

Active Citizens Program

Capacity Building

Working on social entrepreneurship, citizenship, social actions, advocacy, volunteerism, leadership and soft skills of youth we conducted 31 workshops on versatile contents and training modules. We invited 950 trainees throughout the training and in which 900 were participated & sustained in four days long training program, with that we achieved 94.73% participation success rate. They were available for 32 hrs credit workshop and got the skills from British Councilís certified facilitators on activity based learning during four days.

From the capacity building workshops they gained soft and life skills to add values in society about social entrepreneurship, citizenship, volunteerism, networking and advocacy. Participants of workshops learnt the personal skills like communication, negotiation, leadership, decision making, analysis, public speaking and team working.

Youth Led Social Action Projects (SAPs):

Linking the social responsibility & active citizenship we trained and mentored participants to develop their interest in social issues and its resolution. In the end of workshop they think about social issues and propose possible resolution in shape of Social Action Projects (s) execution. PLYC promoted their thought and educate them to work for deprived communities through implementing SAPs in their areas. They worked in education, health, environment, women empowerment, poverty reduction, gender equality, peace & harmony and conflict management. PLYC mentored and facilitated to implement 138 out of 170 Social Action Projects successfully in all thematic areas with implementing rate of 81.17%.

Thematic & Policy Dialogues:

To give youth the sense of provincial and national responsibility and legislative skills, PLYC organized policy dialogues during youth empowerment programs. Understanding the needs of theme in world where youth have better understanding about legislative issues, they play their role in regulation and policy making. Moreover law & order and regulations are friendly and facilitating. In order to empower them and understanding their role nationally five policy dialogues organized. In policy dialogues, youth participated and exchanged their ideas with policy makers of assemblies for possible policy change or implementation of policy in Govtís weak areas. Policy dialogues were;

  • A policy dialogue on Youth Policy
  • Right to Education
  • Right to vote and electoral reforms
  • Role of elected women in assemblies of Pakistan
  • Right to Information


PLYC provided opportunities to youth to meet other active citizen, civil society members and international youth activists to develop linkages about cultural awareness, demographic values and cross culture understanding. Through national and international exchange visits participants share ideas knowledge and experience with one another to build regional and global networks. PLYC facilitated youth networking component variously as;

International Study Visit 2014-15

The objective of an International Study Visit was to increase understanding of the power of global connections and to develop skills to establish global networks engaged in social development. International Study visit creates a network of Active Citizens who think globally and act locally to make social action happen.

National Exchange 2014-2015

PLYC hosted national exchange program (2014-2015) in order to networking youth linkages. 14 participants from Punjab, Khaiber Pakhtunkhawa, Sindh, Balochistan and FATA participated in program. Participants of the program were facilitated to learn the social and cultural values by visiting shrines of Multan, learnt the religious & inter religious values to promote Peace & Harmony, visited a christen community village (Shanti Nagar Khanewal) and participated in Peace dialogue & Cultural night to promote their culture regionally.