Agriculture and Veterinary Development

Industry that Feeds you is Indusrty Worth Fighthing for!!

Pakistan is an agricultural country. Our economy is dependent on this sector. Change is the order of the day. In our country, we, of course have changed our methodology of agriculture over the years. But we miserably failed to cope with the pace of changes in agricultural sector. In Pakistan we have to bring about drastic changes due to following reasons

  • Shortage of water
  • Energy crises
  • Lack of technical knowhow among the farmers
  • Stubbornness in adopting new methodologies by farmers
  • Very excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides
  • Dependency on traditional crops
  • Lack of research
  • Very costly implementation
In the present scenario, for the survival of the sector we have to work on war footings. We have to start work from the very grass root levels in different discipline of the agriculture.PLYC is working in Khanewal, a district dependant on agriculture. There is no industrial development in the district so all the businesses depends directly and indirectly on agriculture. The chances of industrial development are bleak because of unavailability of skilled labour. Presently, we have to come over all the problems to ensure the survival of the sector in other words survival of the nation.PLYC to combat such problems is taking steps and it is reality, you have to take a step, no matter the magnitude of the problem is gigantic one.

Agricultural & Live Stock Farms

PLYC Training Center for the Farmers

PLYC has established agricultural training center and research farm at Khanewal. In this training center we are providing training to work force and mangers, who have adopted agriculture as being there profession.

Training of farm work Force

Most of the rural population associated with this trade. Because they have not trained so they donít prepare land in accordance to the need of the crop, inputs are wasted and even the harvesting is not done accordingly and storage of their crops is done in not a beneficial way. This cause a loss to the farmers, the productivity of the country suffers and the prosperity of the community is hampered.In the training centre we are training persons for the following disciplines.

  • Training Courses of drivers and workers of agricultural machinery and its proper care.
  • Training Courses for field laborers, gardeners and orchard workers
  • Training of work force for livestock farm
  • Training for artificial insemination
  • Training programs and workshops for the farm managers
  • Controlled shed technicians
  • Fish farm technicians
  • Insect farming technicians
  • Tunnel farming technicians
  • Drip and sprinkle irrigation technicians
  • Training of food storage
PLYC is running a program for the training of the agricultural labor. In this training they are taught to work more efficiently and accurately. This skilled Animal husbandry is a vital section of agricultural sector. Even it is more profitable than the crop farming. But it is quite a technical task to up bring new varieties of animal to yield more milk and meat to meet the need of protein of the nation in the shape of milk and meat.

Semen Producing Farm

It is an established fact that the animals of good breed are vital for the economy of the farmer. To get the animals of good breed is very costly rather out of the reach of most of the farmers; artificial insemination is the most vital process to have animals of the good breed. It is also a fact that to raise male animal for the breeding purpose is a costly job. Artificial insemination is very good option to come over this problem. In our training centre we are raising male animals of good breeds. The semen is obtained and filled in specific containers. This is used for the artificial insemination. We trained boys to carry on the process of artificial insemination. This way we are providing a livelihood earning skill. This will raise the income of the community.

Crop Production

Crop production is the primary activity in the agriculture sector. In PLYC Farms, we are growing crops, training local folk for the better crop protection and supporting research in this sector. We are also advocating new methodologies which are helpful for the better yield and income of the farmers. In the crop sector we have used drip irrigation system. As it is clear fact we are facing the shortage of water. The quantity of water in our rivers is lessening day by day. We have to introduce new methods of irrigation otherwise we are going to face a severe famine. In areas like Khanewal the water table has drastically fallen down this is due to irrigation carried on by tube wells and turbines. This reduction in water table has made irrigation more costly and sometimes it becomes unprofitable to grow crops due to high water irrigation cost.

Seed Producing Farm

We will produce the seeds of the crops which have good yield in our environment. Presently our more focus on vegetables. We are going for tunnel farming for the production of the seeds. Seed producing is quite a technical yet profit earning task the training of the farmers in seed production is a craft to earn more For the sake of prosperity. Energy crises is affecting all the earning sectors of our country, the agricultural sector is one of the worst effected sector. The cost of irrigation by the tube wells and turbines is out of the reach of the farmers and sometimes the growing of crops becomes unprofitable enterprise. In some areas without special techniques and more investment the growing of crops becomes unprofitable business. In these areas drip irrigation is very useful and successful option. Considering the position of water available; its scarcity, enhancing every year suggests it would be a major source of irrigation in coming years.

Crop Prevention Scheme

In this scheme farm labour along with machinery operators are trained to work force for agriculture. We are doing it by applying and training in following fields

  • Appropriate use of fertilizers and nutrients
  • Appropriate use of pesticides
  • Adopting eco friendly biological methods

Agronomy/Crop Husbandry

The deciding factor of good crop growing and bad crop growing is the use of crop husbandry. The keen observation of crops and supply of inputs in time and in recommended quantities has a strong effect on the crops for this purpose trained field workers are required. This can enhance the yield of farm too much. We have arranged classes for the agronomy technicians to enhance the productivity of the farms.


Vegetables are perhaps the most vital ingredient of our nutrition. It is also a profit earning activity if new and modern methods are used. Green houses and tunnel farming are very important in the production of vegetables and at PLYC Farms classes for kitchen gardening is also held to get fresh vegetables at home by women and this way they can add to their savings.