Improving each Content of Development

Our Causes

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On daily basis PLYC works to bring practical solutions to the people at greater risk. PLYC approaches all threats to women and child health and there are many with extensive experience, efficient logistics and creativity.
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PLYC believes that respect for human rights will help lift people out of poverty and injustice, allow them to assert their dignity and guarantee sustainable development having a rights-based approach.
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Youth Empowerment

PLYC believes in change and youth is the only factor to create the sustainable change to develop the communities. Seeing the country statistics, Pakistan possesses 64% population of youth which can create massive change for development.
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PLYC has focused exclusively on rural poverty reduction, working with poor rural populations in developing communities to eliminate poverty, hunger and malnutrition; raise productivity and incomes; and improve the quality of their lives.
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Women Empowerment

Pakistan Lions Youth Council with the coordination of Government of Pakistan launched women political participation programme to train the Lady councilors in collaboration with NORAD and UNDP.
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Disaster Risk Reduction

PLYC distribute emergency supplies to remote communities where help is most needed. PLYC Humanitarian response team has been engaged at Sindh and Punjab to produce training materials towards disaster risk reduction, WASH and livelihhod rehabiliation.
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Pakistan Lions Youth Council implemented the project for the promotion of education in order to contribute in the achievement of Million Development goal.
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Interfaith Harmony

Pakistan society contains a huge diversity of culture, ethnicity, religions and beliefs. With any diverse society, there are chances of misunderstanding and conflicts among different groups.
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Governance and Democracy

Pakistan Lions Youth Council has implemented the projects on good governance with Financial and Technical support of CIDA-CDSP and UNDP /DTCE
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Agriculture and Veterinary Development

PLYC is working in Khanewal, a district dependant on agriculture. There is no industrial development in the district so all the businesses depends directly and indirectly on agriculture.
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Pakistan Lions Youth Council implemented HIV/STIs Prevention among Female IDU's. HIV /STIs Prevention among Female prison. FSW empowerment.
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Research Work

PLYC has partnerships with the most prestigious research organizations around the world. R&D program provide boutique-style customer service and work closely with our clients, while also undertaking national research.