Disaster Risk Reduction

Safety Never Hurts

PLYC has been there on the ground in south Punjab since 1986. PLYC is providing immediate assistance in the form of PLYC packages, shelter, food, water and sanitation. We distribute emergency supplies to remote communities where help is most needed. PLYC Humanitarian response team has been engaged at Sindh and Punjab to produce training materials towards disaster risk reduction, WASH and livelihhod rehabiliation. We work for the improvement of livelihood, accessability, construction of infrastructure, technical education and training to strengthen livestock and agriculture.

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Program

Through this program Pakistan lions Youth Council have been providing the psycho social support to the flood affecters and established knowledge centers, disaster management planning with the local communities at grass root level, involvement of children (especially school children) in disaster risk management, mitigation and most importantly peace building and conflict management initiatives with school children, females and males of the society. In this regard Pakistan lions Youth Council also distributed NFIs and Food items to xxx most vulnerable and affected families with NFIs (Quilts) and FIs (Wheat Flour, sugar, tea, biscuits and Dals). PLYC in collaboration with the Literacy Department ) hav initiated literacy centers for females in the target area. In this regard and through these initiative female adults will get skill of basic reading, writing and numeracy skills as well as get orientation and learn how they can save themselves from the future disasters in a better way along with the peace building and conflict management in the community and surroundings.