Family Health and Reproduction

Helping Reproduction services does not just help women in isolation, it helps men as much.

The project was previously awarded to Pakistan Lions Youth Council by Family Health International with the funding collaboration of USAID. The organization successfully completed the project in the year 2005 by achieving remarkable success in the target areas of Multan. The further funding to the project was limited by FHI due to lack of funds. In June, 2006, FHI awarded this project to PLYC as a sub-grantee organization while appointed New Light AIDS control Society as a lead organization. Presently the PLYC is working on this project as partner organization of NLACS. The organization being sub-grantee NGO started implementation of this project in Multan during third week of July, 2006 by providing service delivery affairs on HIV/AIDS, STIs and STDs to various vulnerable groups including mobile youth at General Bus Stand, Multan. The PLYC was already running the STI clinic (APNA Clinic).

Activities Conducted for Implementation of the Project:
Various activities relating the following are being done by PLYC in association with NLACS.
  • Treatment of STI patients
  • Availability of primary healthcare
  • Counseling
  • Focus group discussions
  • Referral
  • Provision of condoms
Results Achieved:
The PLYC as a sub-grantee NGO has done various clinical related services from July to November, 2006.

Adoloscents Reproductive Health

Pakistan Lions Youth Council implemented the project on Adoloscenst reproductive Health To develop and promote healthy life skills among adolescents through the proper implementation of the project by capacity building of Youth on life skills PLYC mobilized the youth and adolescents for promoting awareness on RH and for empowering young people in developing life skills. PLYC provided th services for Health and Hygiene promotion, recreational activities, sports activities, skill development courses, counseling, referral/advisory, health education. PLYC created an environment of trust for Adoloseents for discussion and learning about RH issues. Orgaization mobilized and built the capacities of school teachers , communities, NGOs, Government and health service providers on, promoting Adoloscents Health rights . The project aimed to be sustainable through developing linkages and ownership by the community.

Family Health Project

Pakistan Lions Youth Council implemented the project for the best practices on MNCH Promotion and prevention of STIs funded by the Family health International (FHI) Through this Project PLYC created awareness about the MNCH issues through the ensitization and trainings of 500 Volunteers on the Family health issues, arranged 1000 Awareness raising sessions with target community and established APNA Clinic at General Bus stand in Multan through which

  • STIs Patients treated at APNA Clinic- 24690.
  • Counselling of the patients- 15400.
  • General patients treated at Apna Clinic -42768
  • Post release phase of treatment.
  • Awarness sessions on MNCH issues-4327.

SRHR Component

Pakistan Lions Youth Council implemented the project with WPF in Multan and Khanewal. The project aims to improve the Sexual and Reproductive Health status of young people in South Punjab by integrating SRHR in educational services in South Punjab, creating an enabling environment for young people to ensure they exercise SRH rights. The project focuses on 'Right to Education and Information' and 'Right to Health Care. PLYC implemented the project in Government schools for advocacy for promotion for SRHR friendly service in schools..

Pakistan lions Youth Council have trained 246 teachers (Male 141, Female 105) on SRHR Education trainings as TOT. The main idea of PLYC was to translate SRHR education's learning into daily life interaction by performing on various SRHR issues thus realizing the pragmatism of the subject. Quiz competition among classes, role plays and sketch designing were the main components of this activity. The main aim of the activity was to create an environment of trust, where there will be space for discussion and learning about RH issues. At the same time activities to mobilize and build the capacities of Government and health service providers, promoting ARH advocacy and setting a friendly.

Pakistan lions Youth Council have conducted the trainings of local NGOs /CBOs in Multan on Child Sexual Abuse, Marriage contract, maternal health and on SRHR issues. Pakistan lions Youth Council formed the youth Forums in Multan and Muzaffargarh Organization arranged orientation meeting with the 200 youth to bring about a change in their attitudes and behaviors to support in creating awareness on adolescent's reproductive health rights, child rights. Sexually transmitted infections and prevention of HIV/AIDS. PLYC also oriented the member youth forums on Life skills.

Pakistan lions Youth Council conducted the training of health care providers for Institutionalization of SRHR in health care system, leading to effective supply of SRHR friendly healthcare services through Strengthening the knowledge and skills of Health Care provider (LHVs/Nurses and LHWs) s on adolescents Reproductive Health Rights, Sensitization about the messages dissemination about prevention of HIV/AIDS/STIs and Gender .

Family Planning project

Pakistan Lions Youth Council implemented the family planning project through the Financial support of USIAD/Catalyst in Khanewal.. During the implementation of the project Pakistan lions Youth Council conducted the Counseling session on Family planning with 3000 male and 5000 females in District Khanewal PLYC provided the services to 270 males and 390 females. Provided 47980 Condoms to community members for Family planning.

Family Hospital

Through This project Pakistan Lions Youth Council established Family Hospital which is rendering the following services to the community.

  • Vulnerable community members are served as Out door patients -
  • Poor Community members are served as Indoor patients
  • Operations ( Gynae0 at Nominal Charges)
  • Provision of testing services through Family Lab
  • Provisoin of Bileteral services to the poor-
  • Couselling services for Family Planningb
  • Provision 0f prevention of FP Services

Adolescent Sexual reproductive health rights and life skills project

PLYC implemented the project with technical and Finacial support of World Population Fund (WPF) in District Multan. And KhanewalThrough this Project. PLYC oriented 500 teachers on reproductive Health Rights of Adoloscents. Oriented 53000 students in Public schools on life skills. PLYC condiucted 20 District seminars on the sexual reproductive Helarh Rights of Adoloscents with different stakeholders.Pakistan Lions Youth , identified and trained 300 youth Volunteers on the issue PLYC arranged 300 Health and Hygiene sessions with the youth of community .