Fight for What is Right!!

Pakistan lion Youth Council is working to increase the fortification and promotion of rights of expression, assembly, association and thought including religious freedoms in Pakistan where rights are at most risk. PLYC work closely with religious leaders, religious institutions, network and consoritium, political parties and civil society organization.

Human Rigths Fund ||| (HRF|||)

Women Empowerment

PLYC Empower the women, under this component, PLYC has been working to enhance the capacity of the women elected representatives of the local government at south Punjab. PLYC has formed a networks of NGOs/CBOs in southern Punjab, and also building their capacity regarding good governance. Further, women empowerment program has been working to enhance the capacity of the women and civil society network oní

  • Womenís rights,
  • Organization of women organization in th marginalized community,
  • Domestic violence
  • Economic empowerment of Women

Legal Aid

PLYC has been providing Legal Aid to the peoples, who are suffering due to injustice decisions or they forcefully get involved due to the interest of officials. We are providing all the assistance and free Legal Aid. PLYC has a pool of renowned lawyers, retired judges and team of Legal Aid Centre (LAC) serve at regional level. LAC is active in South-Punjab region and providing the free legal aid support to the Pakistaniís.

The legal issues mainly addressing are:
  • Child Labour
  • Woman violence
  • Minority rights

LAC also conducts the awareness sessions with vulnerable women and Male members in the rural areas of South Punjab.

Early Warning System

PLYC hasestablished Early Warning System which incorporates organizationsí websites, Facebook pages, Twitter, the use of text messaging alerts in crisis situations, as well as engagement with local media. The system is linked to PLYCís help line, which operates 24/7 and in case of any complaint received should immediately refer to concerned department and guide the victims for next steps. Achievements so far PLYC piloted an innovative mechanism to identify, monitor or mitigate rising tensions and defuse potential flashpoints for rights abuses to protect rights of minorities, other vulnerable groups, and their defenders in the ten selected program districts.

Pakistan lions Youth Council established District Level Helpline for Early Warning and Referral System in Khanewal through REAT Network. Human Rights Defenders have trained on specialized early warning. Many conflicts have been averted through this system.

Pilot an early warning system related to REAT violations 456 Outputs 1.2 Creation of a referral system for legal aid and other services to address REAT violations 2950 coordinated advocacy for legal and policy amendments to establish enforcement mechanism for promotion and protection for REAT -855

More frequent and well-informed media coverage related to REAT rights 172 Effective public awareness-raising material in print and electronic media, especially directing citizens to practical resources to address REAT violations 35470