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HIV and AIDS epidemic in Pakistan is mainly driven by high-risk practices undertaken by street- based injecting drug users (IDUs) due to high levels of needle and syringe sharing. This is known to be the most efficient means of transmitting HIV and other blood-borne viruses - Hepatitis C etc. Data analyzed under the Integrated Biological and Behavior Surveillance report indicate that, over the last 5 years, HIV prevalence among IDUs has risen from less than (< 0.5% to above (> ) 50% at certain locations. Injecting Drug Users are a bridging population for the transmission of HIV. Other risk networks directly exposed and vulnerable are spouses of IDUs, female, male and transgender sex workers and homeless street children. These associated risk networks regularly interact with IDUs as partners in unprotected sex risk networks across Pakistan lions Youth Council is rendering her services to “Expand the coverage and range of existing, comprehensive and specific interventions in order to prevent the further transmission of HIV and to provide AIDS treatment and care services for street based injecting drug users, their spouses and associated Pakistan Lions Youth Council has demonstrated that targeted interventions for IDUs which are needs-based, accessible and comprehensive (initiated at an early stage in the epidemic) can halt or slow down the incidence of new infections. it focuses on expanding proven, appropriate and effective services to new sites identified as “hotspots” through mapping under HASP3. These “hotspots” are locations with a high concentration of IDUs. The planned expansion will address the current gaps in interventions and ensure services to 70% of IDUs. Access to associated risk networks is easier and facilitated through established services for IDUs

Global Fund Round 9 (HIVcomponent)

Pakistan Lions Youth Council implemented the project to reduce morbidity and mortality due to HIV and AIDS and scale up comprehensive services to PWID, PLHIV and their families. PLYC provided services to Scale up comprehensive HIV prevention and harm reduction services to 34,000 PWID, families and sex partners of PWID in selected districts in Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan provinces (37% of the total national estimated 91,000 PWID). PLYC Supported to Improve access to HIV care and treatment support for 6,000 PLHIV and their 18,000 family members through the provision of Community and Home Based Care services and improved referral mechanisms to ART sites, and provision of ART to 2,000 PLHIV across Pakistan. Through this Project PLYC registered 228, Drug Users, 7270 Injective Drug users, Contacted with 697951 clients for the prevention of HIV/AIDS. provided BBC services to 220344 persons on HIV/AIDS , Services to 140835 on prevention of STIs..Pakistan Lions Youth Council provided the services to 156329 clients for safer sex, motivated 14544 highly vulnerable clients to VCCT and refereed 3190 clients for HIV testing. Among them 1237 are HIV+ (Reactive) IDUs. Total Spouses VCCT referred were 1003 among them 16 are HIV+, 29 Highly vulnerable children were referred for VCCT among them 3 Children were HIV+

Delivery of Primary Health Care and preventive services for female sex workers

Pakistan Lions Youth Council implemented the project with the Financial support of World Bank/Punjab AIDS Control Program Punjab Government in Multan District .

  • Pakistan lions Youth Council improved 80 % Knowledge-of the female sex workers on HIV Prevention.
  • 70% Attitudes-of the female sex workers express positive attitude towards Risk of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections throughsafer sex behaviours.
  • 70% Skills-of female sex workers to Demonstrate correct use and disposal of a condom and Explain two ways of convincing clients to use a condom
  • 60% Behavior-of female sex workers to Have used a condom in their most recent commercial sex act ,Carry a condom when working (and can show it to a researcher) and Have sought treatment within 7 days of having noticed the symptoms of sexually transmitted infection
  • Private health facilities/GPs implementing DOTS as per National Guidelines- 164

the project with World Bank/Government of Pakistan for prevention of HIV/AIDS/STIs among Female Sex workers and achieved the following results contributing in the reduction of HIV & AIDS in Pakistan.

HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and Care for female injecting drug Users and Female prisoners in Pakistan

Pakistan Lions Youth Council impleenetd the project for provision of drugs and preventative services to female prisoners and their Children with UNODC. Pakistan Lios Youth Council trained 25 Peer Educators who further delivered the Lectures on Drug Abuse, drug treatment in female prison, role of family in drugs abuse prevention.

  • Detoxification.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Therapeutic Community programme
  • Post release phase of treatment.
  • Establishment of Narcotics Anonymous groups within the prison setting.
  • Establishment of treatment data collection & reporting system/monitoring & Evaluation by PPSTI
Our Services
  • Pakistan Lions Youth Council provided Legal aid services to the 150 Female prisoners.
  • Awareness creating about prevention of HIV/AIDS/STIS. 5000.
  • Provision of medicines for STI traetment to 387 Female prisoners.
  • Post release phase of treatment.
  • Provision of 5000 Hygiene kits to Jail Inmates.
  • Cosuselling sessions 350.

Service Delivery and Prevention of HIV/STIs through BCC Strategies aimed at Males who have sex with Males and Transgender

PLYC implanted the nproject with European commission PAC in District Khanewal ,

  • Identifications and Registration of 443 MSMs/
  • 39 peer educators (MSMs/TGs) on HIV/AIDS, STI prevention, Condom usage/demonstration etc.
  • 62% the target group knows about condom usage/demonstration.
  • 150 MSMs STI patients were referred to VCT.
  • 3064 general patients (MSMs/TGs) were given treatment at Apna Clinic.
  • 64 Male/Female patients of STIs were treated at Apna Clinic

HIV/AIDS prevention among Long Distrance Truck Drivers.

Pakistan Lions Youth Council implemented the project for the prevention of HIV/AIDS among long truck driverrst with Technical and Financial support of UNICEF /Throough this Project.PLYC registeredlong distance truck drivres,awared them about prevention of HIV/AIDS/STIs. Sensitized them on safer sex practices, Provided condoms , distributed audio cassettes with the messages about Prevention of HIV/AIDS/STIs among these registered truck drivers , PLYC also distribute IEC material for creating awareness.