Research Work and Development

Weavinng Betterment into Lives

Research and Development Program is committed to making lasting contributions to society. Many R&D program initiatives are long-time office traditions, and our activities range across local volunteering and fundraising, pro bono work for multiple contributions and public bodies. R&D program is a non-partisan, objective, survey based research practice made up of seasoned professionals. We conduct strategic research initiatives for a diverse number of international and national organizations, based not community opinion research, key stakeholder, and political leaders opinion research. PLYC has partnerships with the most prestigious research organizations around the world. R&D program provide boutique-style customer service and work closely with our clients, while also undertaking national research.

Program has conducted studies on various issues which includes;

  • Gender disparity in Education.
  • MI Term Evaluation of PAIMAN project
  • Mothers Lost.
  • Poverty Score Card BISP
  • End Term Evolution of TB project of WHO/USAID
  • Runaway Children
  • Camel Jockeys-Human Trafficking
  • Bounded Labor
  • Child kilns
  • Bihari's Situation
  • Injected Drug Users
400 / 700

Child Labour

Pakistan lion Youth Council is working to increase the fortification and promotion of rights of expression, assembly, association and thought including religious freedoms in Pakistan where rights are at most risk. PLYC work closely with religious leaders, religious institutions, network and consoritium, political parties and civil society organization.