Skills Development Program

"Enhancing Youth's skills towards Sustainbility."

The skill development program was designed to build the technical capacities of under privileged youth you cannot have the opportunities to grow. Main objective of the program was to enable young people to meet their livelihood by getting the professional and technical skill from various trades which are demanded in various industries. AGEF the German donor supported PLYC to execute this initiative for the society and make them skilled and bankable in job market. Participant of skill development program had a basis education without any technical skill. PLYC incorporated this skill development training program with the help of technical institutes to equip them as per industrial requirements job market in different trades of Plumbing, Tailoring, Electrician, IT and beautician courses. Instructors from various technical institutes were hired to equip them the best industrial and entrepreneurial skills. Second objective was to meet the entrepreneurial needs of the participants. During and after skill trainings participants were provided tool kits and equipments of their profession so they may start their entrepreneurial or small business activities. After completion of their course they were awarded the kits with a mentoring sessions “how to start their own business”. They were taught to become entrepreneurs as well if they fail to find jobs and how they can capitalize the marketing channels, bootstrapping and start their business activity at a small scale. Job placement and small business was ensured 28.75% and 50% respectively.

Skills Development Program

The skill development program worked with the agenda to improve income generation, skill development and entrepreneurial skills of youth by providing opportunities to the underprivileged society who could not generate their livelihood and start their career. PLYC's targeted the districts of South Punjab and Sindh by enabling their skills development through competitive skills, training and job market. The program's main components were;

  • Income generating skills
  • Small business/Entrepreneurship
  • Technical Literacy

Skill development program was basically an Income generation program to enable young people for their livelihood by building their skills towards technical, professional and entrepreneurial approach. PLYC organized and conducted training with the support of AGIEF a German donor on most demanded technical trades. Keeping in mind the gender balance PLYC provided opportunities to the males and females of deprived communalities for their economical growth. By seeing the market trends and technical demands.

PLYC incorporated the comprehensive technical trade programs on beautician, hand embroidery, tailoring, Plumbing, and electrician for marganizlied and poor communities. 200 girls and boys were trained under given various trades and professional & technical coaches were hired from technical institutions of Multan. PLYC selected the trainees through community mobilization process and skills testing method. Under the computer literacy component, PLYC has conduct IT courses for 125 female and 125 male as well. Trainees of the course belong to the poor families, and having at least matriculation degree. They were catered for 6 months in skills development program with 3 months training and 3 months technical learning in their sectors.

Trainees of the program spent 6 months in tremendous course work, practical lab work and internships in market. In the end of program they were awarded tool kits of their field for a small startup and possible financial aid as for bootstrapping their business. 80% of the job and business retention ensured in all the trades of tailoring, plumbing, beauty work and electric work. This program ensured their economical & livelihood initiative and enable them the resource for economy and community.