Water Sanitation and Hygene

Pakistan lions Youth Council implemented the Projects with Technical and Financial support of USAID/Abt .Associates ,philanthropists and on self help basis on Water Sanitationa, shelter, and Hygiene Promotion PLYC provided the Logistics Support & Relief Commodities to 378 vulnerable families provided shelters and latrines to 50 families 1,000 installed Communal Hand Pumps, supplied and distributed Non Food Items (NFIs) to 2,000 families in Flood affected areas.

Pakistan Safe Drinking Water & Hygiene Promotion Project (PSDW-HPP)

Pakistan Lions Youth Council has implemented the project with technical and Financial support of USAID/Abt.associates in district Khanewal and Multan.

Components of the project.
  • Community Hygiene Promotion Project.
  • Capacity Building of TMA.
  • School Hygiene Promotion Project

Pakistan lions Youth Council Assisted government of Pakistan to design and implement a comprehensive hygiene and sanitation promotion strategy to promote safe water management, and behavior change in hygiene and sanitation. Practices. PLYC Provided support to local government and nongovernmental organizations and communities through capacity building and training in operations and management of filtration plants, hygiene and sanitation promotion, community mobilization, planning, cost recovery, and water resources management; Provide a comprehensive review of water treatment and water quality testing technologies for use at the community and household levels..

  • PLYC sensitized /trained 200 Doctors, 50 Religious leaders, 10 NGOs, selected 5000 female &5000 Male Volunteers and trained them on hygiene promotion practices and safe drinking water .
  • Built the capacity of 1139 primary teachers on PSDW&HPP.
  • Conducted 2000 awarness sessions with fathers and 5000 sessions with mothers of the children under 05 years.
  • 78 % of the total community members are using safe drinking water and adopting safe Hygiene Practices. in the target UCs
  • 95 % Children in schools are using safe drinking water and adopting the safe Hygiene practices.

School Total Lead Sanitation Project (SLTS)

PLYC implemented the SLTS project USAID/Abt.associates

Target Area - District Khanewal

The purpose was to accentuate the importance of sanitation particularly in schools and surroundings. Pkaistan lions Youth Council implemented the project in 03 Districts of Sindh and organized different events “Hygiene Mela, Walks, Seminars, Hygiene sessions in schools & community”. PLYC celebrated sanitation week and organized Hygiene Mela with the help of local CBOs and schools administrations

Success Story

Chishti Ajmal Hussain Bukhari, Administrative of Daraul Quran Chishtia Sabria said

Community participation is one of the core expertise of PLYC. Under WASH program, PLYC installed the Water Filtration plants for clean drinking water. Maintenance of the plants is essential for continue supply of the clean water. CMob department of the PLYC has designed “cost recovery model” for the sustainability of plants. PLYC forms and trains water user committees (WUCs) for each plant. All the WUCs sustained the respective filter plants with community funds. WUC collect the funds from the community on monthly basis and do maintain plants including mechanical and civil maintenance, cleaning and safety of the plant. WUCs are not only display the monthly audit but also share it in the monthly meetings.

PLYC outreach to more than 1500 schools and 50 madrasas under community hygiene promotion program. Program trained more 1600 teachers on hygiene promotion, trained worked as turn changers and to hygiene.

PLYC Cost Recovery Model has been replicated by 82 partner NGOs of USAID. Further, a WUC has registered as NGO with social welfare department and some WUCs are running some other community based activities