One Girl with Courage, is Revolution!!

Pakistan lion Youth Council is working to increase the fortification and promotion of rights of expression, assembly, association and thought including religious freedoms in Pakistan where rights are at most risk. PLYC work closely with religious leaders, religious institutions, network and consoritium, political parties and civil society organization. Pakistan Lions Youth Council with the coordination of Government of Pakistan launched women political participation programme to train the Lady councilors in collaboration with NORAD and UNDP. This project was launched in 19 districts of Pakistan. Total 38 training sessions were conducted in 28 different districts of Pakistan. 30 lady councilors participated in Each session and1140 lady councilors were trained .The main objectives of the programme W3P were to:

  • Build the capacity of women councilors of Pakistan.
  • To enhance the political awareness to Women Councilors.

Legal Aid Program

Establishment of Legal aid Center.

Pakistan lions Youth Council conducted the awareness sessions with vulnerable women and Male members in the rural areas of Khanewal and provided the free legal aid services to 157 women.


Non-discriminating gender prospective is a cross cutting theme for all of Pakistan lions Youth Council's programs/activities.

Pakistan Lions Youth Council has implemented the following projects on gender

Gender Equity Program

Pakistan Lions Youth Council launched this project in 5 Districts of Pakistan, Khanewal, and Rahim yar khan. Muzaffargarh. Dera Ghazi khan and Rajanpur. During the implementation of these project different issues like violence against women, women rights and Human Resources remain under threats of gender issues were discussed. Men and women dialogue are absent on gender issues, majority of women have not felt need of education on gender Issues though they are already faced violence in daily life. Objective of this project was to; To create the awareness about the women rights. Awareness about the proper distribution of Human rights. Education on gender issues. Education for women. For this purpose PLYC arranged 12 group discussions and 4 rallies for gender equity and equal distribution of human rights. Different influential persons, community leaders and organizations took part those events

Protection and Legal Assistance:

Pakistan Lions Youth Council is actively playing its role against violation of Human rights, especially Women and Child Protection, according to the UN convention on child rights (CRC) to enable them to get their due status in society. Organization is also providing legal assistance to prisoner women and helpless people.

Gender & Development &Women Empowerment:

Organization is interested for the equal rights for both male female and gender sensitization in promotion the women rights and gave them their due role in society. Skill enhancement enterprise development and in decision making power to women.