Empowering the richest resource of Society

PLYC believes in change and youth is the only factor to create the sustainable change to develop the communities. Seeing the country statistics, Pakistan possesses 64% population of youth which can create massive change in all areas of development if we provide them resources. On the bases of facts PLYC encourage & executes youth led programs to empower them & engage them in skill based programs so they could be the fertile part of society in form of real change makers. We planned and organized various youth oriented segments to enrich this theme under following scenarios.

Our Achievements:

  • Around 50,000 people catered in program through Youth
  • Outreach expanded in 4 Districts (Multan, Khanewal, Muzaffargarh and DG Khan)
  • 138 Youth Leaders were created.
  • 3 Social Action Projects (SAPs) awarded nationally in 2013
  • 25 % minorities engaged in youth Led programs
  • 40% Young women participation ensured
  • 3.33% transgender trained and they become active citizen
  • 10 Colleges and universities were included in youth based programs
  • 2 Peace Forums organized to promote Peace & Harmony
400 / 700

Active Citizens Program

The Active Citizens programme links civil society, community leaders and networks of young people and organizations in Pakistan, the UK and other countries. The overarching aim is to deepen trust and understanding within and between communities. Young participants gain various skills including cross-cultural communication and Intercultural dialogue, and its effective role in community action. They are encouraged to play a bigger role in their communities by addressing social issues through volunteering and engaging with community influencers and local Civil Society Organizations.
400 / 700

Youth and Social Harmony

Pakistan lion Youth Council is working to increase the fortification and promotion of rights of expression, assembly, association and thought including religious freedoms in Pakistan where rights are at most risk. PLYC work closely with religious leaders, religious institutions, network and consoritium, political parties and civil society organization.

400 / 700

Skill Development

The skill development program was designed to build the technical capacities of under privileged youth you cannot have the opportunities to grow. Main objective of the program was to enable young people to meet their livelihood by getting the professional and technical skill from various trades which are demanded in various industries. AGEF the German donor supported PLYC to execute this initiative for the society and make them skilled and bankable in job market. Participant of skill development program had a basis education without any technical skill.